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Lovely Cherry Crocs Slippers for Women

The Collection has you covered. Available in red and pink, these shoes are popular around the world. In addition to the usual red Crocs, these shoes are also a cinch to clean. They are available online or at select retailers in the U.S. Besides the funny Crocs, the brand also offers multiple styles and colors of footwear for winter.

Limited Edition

Crocs are back, and this time, they are collaborating with two of the world’s largest convenience retailers. The partnership was came in a press release, and Crocs are releasing a pair of limited edition cherry Crocs. Featuring Jibbitz charms and 7-Eleven logos, the designs will be available through Foot Locker. Currently, there are three clogs available, and three more are coming in November.

Another collaboration that was released in November was the 7-Eleven X Crocs Mega Crush Clog. This shoe is designed with an elevated heel. Its price tag is a mere $110. And it’s available today. So go pick up a pair for your child or yourself, or if you’re in the mood for something fun, you can try the Peeps x Crocs Classic Clogs for only $50. Both of these limited-edition pairs of footwear will be sold at Crocs stores nationwide. Those looking for more shoes, or those just looking for a little more color, can check out the other designs in the 7-Eleven X Crocs collection.

Various Styles and Colors

The Crocs has been making clogs and other footed wares since 2002. They produce a wide variety of styles, from the to strawberry Crocs. You may have heard of their banana Crocs, which was the original style, or you may have heard of their kids’ line of footwear, which includes the lime green Crocs. Their latest offerings include the Fuzz-Lined Shoe collection, which features a funny design. All of the shoes are unisex, so you can pick up a pair for your little one, too.

Besides, if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite kid in tow, look no further than the Christmas Crocs. This season, you’ll find some of the most comfortable clogs on the market. Furthermore, you’ll receive a pair of matching socks as a bonus. Get your paws on a pair today! Famous for their clogs and other insulators, Crocs is an ideal choice for the chilly weather.

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Versatile Crocs Flats

The first release from the collaboration was the Halloween Crocs. This style is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes, and features a turquoise accent on the heel strap. Besides, it also includes Jibbitz charms.

The next Crocs release is the pink lemonade Crocs, which features an elevated heel and colorful 7-Eleven colors. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, it will be launching November 8. Moreover, in November, Crocs will release a sandal that features a custom Jibbitz charm.

In 2021, Crocs will collaborate with pop star and music artist, Bad Bunny. They will release an out of this world Crocs. Other future designs will also feature prints, and even include a shoe with drumstick-scented Jibbitz charms.

Animal Print Styles Crocs Slippers

Crocs will also release a collection of “Party Animals” styles in 2022. Two zebra prints and two leopard Crocs prints will be available, and each shoe will come with a limited-edition Jibbitz charm. As always, Crocs will sell the shoes through Foot Locker.

Crocs also partnered with General Mills for a Rise N’ Style series. Each clog in the collection features a charm that is reminiscent of a cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios comes with a Buzz Bee charm, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch includes a Sonny the Cuckoo Bird charm.